Any guides to 8-bit art?

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Does any have tips, links or help to making 8-bit art for the n00b?

I can't draw but I can doodle, make squares and play with line thickness and I'd like to have an 8-bit cartoony feel. I'd like to able to draw people and actions.

I especially want to use this on my card/board games so pixelation tools, I don't think, will be much help.



  • What exactly are you battling with man :)? Would you like to post some of your pixel art that you have done then I can give you feedback and advice to improve?
  • This is probably a good place to go: (as a start)

    Have a look in the resources/support forums.

    Also Pixel Joint does specialize in avatar art, which is maybe suitable if you want to print characters on cards.
  • Oh yeah, of course! Post examples and get feedback (like Bevis suggested). That's how you get better.
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