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When I'm not trying to make hobbyist games, I make hobbyist game music instead. I tend to compose for my own games and the games of others, and I have it on semi-reliable authority that nobody's ears have exploded yet.

My portfolio can be found here: http://soundcloud.com/gazza_n/sets

It's updated intermittently, but represents a good cross-section of my work. If you like what you hear, I'm open to help with your own projects if time allows. If you don't, tell me what sucks so I can fix it!


  • Hey cool!

    I'm not much of a musician or critic, but I really like your stuff!

    Your Bounty Galaxy work is particularly spot on. It has a great sense of scale and "spaceyness". It reminds me a lot of the Mass Effect music, which is impressive :D.
  • Thanks for listening! I'm overjoyed it doesn't take a music major to enjoy, or I'm in big trouble. :P

    Bounty Galaxy was actually heavily influenced by Freelancer's music, but any comparison to Mass Effect is one I'll take gladly! :D It's still an ongoing project, so there'll likely be more in the future, and you can expect to hear it in BG itself when @Nandrew's adjusted all the game's knobs and relays to his satisfaction.
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  • Thanks for sharing Gazza, the Bounty Galaxy stuff was particularly cool - I like that you had a bit of a central theme with variations running through some of the pieces, nice way of establishing the music with the game.
  • Thanks Gibbo. Much appreciated. :)

    What isn't illustrated very well by having them as separate tracks on Soundcloud is that the zone tracks actually play concurrently and fade between each other dynamically based on the game state. If you've ever played FTL you'll know what I mean, except instead of wibbling between Explore and Combat tracks for individual zones, we have four tiered tracks that get cycled through depending on how much trouble you're in. It's been a challenge to compose tracks that match up well enough to fade between while keeping continuity, but still convey the increasing danger levels. Having heard them in-game I think they've turned out alright, but I'm biased. :P I look forward to hearing peoples' opinions once they hear them in action.
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    Is it just me or is soundcloud down?? @_@ (nevermind it's a work block)
  • @Gazza_N Ah okay that makes sense!
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