Bastion on iPad

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If, like me, you haven't played Bastion yet, it's now available for iPad (2 and above), and I think it's easily my best game of the year. Incredible narrative, incredible art, animation, great mechanic... It's just so so beautiful, and has still managed to surprise me around many corners thus far.

Indie is awesome :) makes me wanna cry :)


  • I love this game so much. <3
  • Fantastic game! Also one of my favorite indie games of all.

    Although I don't think I'd like to play this on an iPad? I mean I initally played it on PC using mouse + kb and the controls weren't that great... got used to them after a while though. Played it again on an Xbox controller which was fantastic!

    It's just that I'm very skeptical about touch interfaces. I don't think they're very good for games like this... IMO, games really have to be tailored to work on these interfaces. Though I could be wrong... :)
  • I know what you mean, I don't like games that just try to copy a console experience on touch. But they did engineer it pretty well, the attacks auto-aim without it feeling stupid, and there's a special touch mode that is super precise but requires more movement. So, while not totally perfect, it's pretty good :)
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