Maintenance 19/12/2013

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Just some minor changes.

There are 2 new categories for posts: Association News and Tutorials.

The first is for the committee members to post news and information about the association and make it easy to find amongst all the good content the community posts.

The tutorials category is for "how to's" and links to articles teaching game development, art, sound, design, etc. This category is for permanent game dev resources and not opinions, news or product sales. Please be considerate when posting here.

Finally on the mobile site, the thankful plugin has been modified to work here as well. This allows mobile users to view who's <3 a post and to <3 as well.
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    Um. I now seem to be able to select multiple posts, and possibly delete other peoples' posts. (Possibly because I haven't tried to yet.) This is news to me. :P

    Edit to see if I can - Karuji
  • It was forum wide. I first saw it in the GM for Mac thread before this one.

    Glad to know I no longer have super powers ;)
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