Concept Artist, Animator, Storyboard and Animatic Artist Portfolio

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Hello this is my portfolio :) -
Any critiques are definitely welcome, I am always looking to improve!
I am available for hire and for freelance work.


  • Whoa, I really liked the feelings in your personal projects!

    The fish is so blown away, the toad is gloriously pleased to be that inflated and the dude in the cupboard is both kinda scary and really well lit. Nice :)
  • Hey nice blog.
  • Thanks dislekcia. I am glad you like it, yeah putting expression on a character is really fun and exaggerating it is even better!
    Luke, thank you!
  • I liked the people on the train. @rustybroomhandle rides the train into CT every day for work, I'll tell him to keep an eye out for people doodling ;)
  • Thanks WelshPixie! Aw man, I don't take the train anymore! I just finished college and am not sure I'll be taking it anytime soon. It was fun drawing people though, even if they sometimes looked like they were being watched by a stalker taking down notes about them. It helped me to develop a lot though, and some people even liked the drawings I showed them afterwards :)
  • Awesome concepts and sculpts :) Where are you based?
  • Hello rumor! thank you, its really good to get positive feedback on things one spends so much time working on and refining :) As for your question I am based in Cape Town.
  • It's so hard to find good 2D illustrators with animation skills who are interested in games in South Africa.

    Have you come to the Cape Town game dev meetups? Are you coming to the Global Game Jam? Would love to meet up and chat.
  • You've definitely got an awesome talent, particularly when it comes to your cartoon figures. Keep it up.
  • Hello there you handsome devil ye! Good to know you're throwing your stuff around.

    as has been said, Cartoons, they're actually srs business ;D
    but in all seriousness you simply have to get yourself to the meet ups, these people are awesome!
  • I can vouch for Steamhat, went to my first meetup last week, definitely gonna try make it every month
  • Very nice work, love the expression that your characters have.
  • nice work man :) nice page as well , simple and clean :) gets the point across
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