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Plain and simple... heres my blogfolio: XD

Feel free to check it out.... and as always , crits etc are most welcome.

Cheers - J
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  • Looks great, where you been hiding anyway :p

    What tools you using?
  • Thanks man... been on a short hiatus after my last job , so yeah... just freelancing for now :/
    I mostly use maya and PS...aslo been teaching myself Zbrush... its tough going, but on the other hand so rewarding!
  • I though zbrush its a real pain that sucker but well worth the effort.

    Where you based?
  • Agreed... I know all too well, I tried Zbrush a couple years ago... and just didn't have the will power to persevere. Decided this year to face this hideous beast and tackle it head on however after the initial push it actually isn't all that bad. I mean, I'm constantly learning the ins and outs, improving my workflow etc, but I find it pretty relaxing, so it doesn't bother me much lol

    Im in CT at the moment, was also in PTA for a while ,but having no ties gives me the freedom to move around
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