EA suing Zynga (and the courts who are actually going to rule on a cloned game).

This isn't exactly new news. But: http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2012-08-21-ea-were-standing-up-for-the-industry-against-zynga?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=european-daily

At the moment there are essentially no copyright laws that effectively protect the game design of digital games from plagiarization. It might be a bit naive, but I'd hope that such a case can set some legal precedents.

I'm also not too sure how similar The Ville and The Sims Social are. I'm not sure if such a case mirrors other cases of cloning.

But I would like for there to be laws that protect game design, obviously ones that don't hinder innovation, and I believe EA wants that as well. I'm desperately hoping this isn't posturing that is going to lead to some lame out of court settlement.


  • It is a really interesting case. The thing is EA aren't going after Zynga for cloning. The suit is based on look and feel, and other such things. One of the points that is rather damming is that all the skin tone selector in The Ville are identical to those of The Sims Social, which IIRC was a one in a trillion chance of a randomly happening.

    I am really rooting for EA in this one, since we really need need laws against cloning, and just re-skinning slightly, as Zynga did in this case.

    I am really doubtful EA will settle out of court. Since part of the look and feel says that Zynga copied elements distinct to the EA Sims franchise, and the Sims is one of the most valuable IPs the EA has so they really wouldn't want someone to milk that cow.

    This case is the first step in a long, and perhaps dangerous, road to establishing any kind of law around cloning.
  • Well, you could hope that Zynga gets nailed on the same things that it nailed that Brazilian developer on.

    I kinda want the hypocrisy of Zynga's "design" practices to get pointed out in court.
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