[Event] JHB community meet - 11/9/2012


  • I agree that we shouldn't have the round tables back. I think my suggestion was misunderstood, because I asked for a single table of any kind for us to set up demos at. We had to use the lecturn to put the machine on. It was awesome because it was hooked up to the projector (and others could watch), but it was also single threaded and only one person can play on a single machine.

    It's also just an idea.

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  • @mikegeyser that's a really cool idea. Games are interactive, so without playing them there is something missing.
  • If anyone wants the contents of my presentation, the pdf in this thread. There's also the full 'Manifesto of the Jeppe Street Chop Shoppers' and an extract of Kieran's awesome story.
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