Analytical Figure Drawing Workshop

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My friend is hosting a petty awesome figure drawing workshop. I thought I'd post a link in case anyone is interested.

"This month at CFAD Capetown. If you have friends who
want to level up their figure drawing skills, please let them know!
Spaces limited, 25% off for students."

Every Monday and Wednesday at 18h00 till 20h00 for four weeks, starting Monday the 14th of October.



  • "Independent" was spelt wrong. :/

    Stuart's a great artist. :) Used to go to a sketch group with him when he was up in Joburg.
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    Would so much have loved to come, but the timing is a bit bad on my side (as it is in the varsity exam stretch)
    But, anyone and everyone going enjoy and I'll definitely see you guys on (maybe?) future events.

    Would like to see more of these kinds of events ^^
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