BTW: Land of Ice & Fire tee :)

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This took me a LONG time. Why? Cos it was fun to research and do. It's the Land of Westeros, the Land of Ice & Fire. All the houses are geographically correctly presented as their house sigils.

It's going on sale for just one day on Sunday 29 September at, so check it out and grab one if you dig it :) After Sunday I can't get it cheap anymore :P



  • Do you know how much they'll cost?
  • Should be the same as all their other ones - $10 plus shipping.
    They also have other products that they print on which is quite interesting, stuff like iPhone cases, Hoodies, iPad skins, laptop skins... I might pick something up other than a tee for myself :)
  • I don't see South Africa on the dropdown menu when I want to choose a country to ship to. :(
  • Whaaaaaaaat!?!? Imma investigate that quickly... Oh dang...
  • That looks really awesome, I can see the love that went into it.
  • @bsfts Thanks! :D It was quite zen-like :)

    Unfortunately I don't see an option for SA shipping, I'm getting mine sent to my girlfriend in Aus... Long way around. And their preview made the print TINY. Damn I hope they don't screw up the print. Arrrrgh production.
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