[Indie Speed Run] Artist needed

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I really want to try out Indie Speed Run this weekend 27-29 Sep. I am a programmer and will be using Unity 3D.

Due to the time constraint it would really help if I could find an artist willing to stick it out with me. I will pay the entry fee of course. I am based in PTA but I guess some sort of Skype arrangement would also work. With the artist it will be a 2 man team.

Just thought I would put it out there if there is maybe an artist in the opposite position.


  • hmmmm, I may be keen. I have a thing on in the middle/morning of Saturday, but other than that I'd be keen. My other half is doing a similar sort of art-crunch-over-skype this weekend already so it'd suit homelife.

    I don't know unity itself, but I'm certain I can create assets for you, what all do you expect to need?
  • Yeah :) Awesome, I was thinking mainly 2D art, again cause of the time constraint. In terms of Unity and all that. No worries that will be my side of things.

    This will be like a joint venture though so in terms of designing the game and so on. Also it will have to be from the heart as I cannot pay for art in a game jam. I will still cover the entry fee.

    Is that all cool? Do you have the time for all that?
  • Dude! Game Jams are from the heart! :D I'd love to join if I didn't have an engagement party and other kaka to do this weekend. Last year's indie speed run was painful but definitely wouldn't have given it up for anything in the world :)

    Enjoy it man!
  • yeah, jams have to be from the heart, deadlines are too tight for it to not flow naturally

    ok, yeah. I'm in if you'll have me :)
  • @damousey saw some of your deviant art stuff, really amazing!

    So lets make it happen. I will be in contact.
  • ack, haven't updated there in years... literally, I suspect. :P
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