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Hello all!

My Name is Zoe I am new to the MakegamesSA forum, so I have decided to post a short introduction about myself and my skill sets.

I have over 7 years experience in Creative Design and I am proficient in:

+ Graphic Design
+ Web Design
+ Corporate Identity
+ Logo Design Specialist
+ 2D Animation
+ Illustration
+ Flash/Action Script
+ 3D Model Design
+ Sound Production
+ Music Production
+ Music Mastering
+ Blogging/Writing
+ Light Scale SEO
+ Freehand Conceptual Art
+ Freehand Pencil & Ink Art
+ Visual Communication
+ Brand Development/Management
+ Skeuomorphic GUI design
+ Font Design/Creation TTF Format
+ Typography

View my online portfolio here: www.webdesignersdream.wordpress.com
Twitter: @8bitZoe
Listen to my music: www.soundcloud.com/insektoid

I am passionate about art design and all things creative and I would really like to be involved in one or more game development/design projects.



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    Glad you've finally posted here! The new work looks and sounds great!
  • Hey 8bitZoe, you work looks cool! And I like your dubsteps :)
    As far as your portfolio goes, I think some more drawings / paintings would do well in there. Also would be nice to see some texture painting and stuff ^_^
    I also like the centipede. I think all portfolios should have at least 1 centipede in them.
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    Cool thanks for the feedback guys!

    I have some older illustrations here if you are interested: http://www.kungfuoctopus.wordpress.com/2009/10/17/ink-freehand
  • Very cool work Zoe! Love your style, the little wolverine and co are awesome :)
  • Nice Portfolio Zoe,

    I would suggest if you are going to show 3D, you should show some wireframes and low poly meshs with all the different maps using Marmoset. ZBrush/Sculptris from a 3D point of view is very misleading, as it shows you can sculpt but says nothing of ones actual modeling skills, such as edgeflow and polygon understanding, also would second bevis suggestion, show some more texturing, as this shows you have a understanding of UV's and texturing.

    As most game companies want an all rounder modeler/texture/concept(I can wish) hehe.. only the bigger studios usually want someone who is more focused in one specific area.

    Your illustration artwork/UI designs are awesome! was looking at your portfolio a few days ago and stumbled upon this thread XD
  • Greetings!

    Cool stuff all-round. I do sound and music production as well, so always great to see more troops out there in the mixer trenches ;)

    If I may ask, which is your audio/music weapon of choice?
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    LOL lets address theses comments systematically.

    @rumor Well to be perfectly honest with you I know very little about "edgeflow, polygon count, UV's and texturing" the intention behind the models were never to be practical or functionally sound in any way, but merely artistic in nature and purely aesthetic.

    I pride myself on the offensively high poly counts that my models tend to include (even tho they are non-functional). Furthermore I feel my models demonstrate a fair amount of artistic ability, it is however the technical or mathematical aspect behind sculpting that is limited. (I have little to no interest in creating mathematically sound functional sculptures) I just want to mold digital clay into appealing pieces of art. Blobby blob.

    I just want to create cool art and if someone can recognize the value in my work, then I'm happy.

    @Tuism Lol thanks, I drew that pic in 5 mins and took a photo of it on my phone, loaded it on my PC. It was just a fun little exercise to pass the time.

    @ ShadowBlade If you are referring to DAW/Software then FL Studio + NI Massive/Rob Papen Albino 3/Ohmicide/reFX Vanguard. I used to use Ableton Live many years back, but at the time my PC couldn't run the software at the time (16gigs install size and I only had a 10 gig HDD LOL!) with the result I spent more and more time using FL Studio to the point where I am now 100% comfortable with the software, and yourself?

    PS thank you all, for your awesome feedback!
    750 x 600 - 422K
  • Heh, great! I use FLStudio and a couple plugins. Love FLS, especially the interface, great for just losing the hours :)

    Some of my older stuff lurking over here on SoundCloud. Still trying to practise mastering, would help to have a good set of monitors! SoundCloud
  • I have a set of kurzweil ks 40a's monitors and a set of KRK rocket RP 8's, among an obscene amount of other studio equipment. lolz

    You cant create an effective stereo field or pan without a decent set of studio monitors.

    I'm going to have a listen to your tunes now.
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  • Greetings and welcome! ^_^

    That is a rather good-looking set of portfolio pieces; I particularly like the style of your drawings. Your list of skills also looks rather impressive!
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    oo, I like the detail in the sketches. would make nice prints :).
    The thing with sculpting is it is just a small piece of the puzzle and its very rare that you will get contracted to just sculpt models in South Africa, or internationally for that matter, because the people who just sculpting are really good... (look at http://www.parkparkin.com/ for example) and low poly doesnt have anything to do with maths. phff, game artists are artists, math is boring. or something :P.
    Why don't you come an do some game jams, if you like you can tag along with us or any of the other teams and get involved (maybe at the next ludum dare or something) (I'm the artist at freelives), you can bounce around between art and music :)
    Its a cool and really fun way to get some actual game projects in your portfolio if you willing to work a weekend :) Will change what you think is possible in a weekend :) (broforce started at a ludum dare)
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