Anyone know a good pixel artist.

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Hi guys, I am in search for a pixel artist that is willing to work with me for free on a project that may or may not be a commercial game. I don't know what this will turn into but the gameplay have turned out to be really fun.

The game is about 20% done without art.

Here is a sample that i created. It is the main character.

Anyway if you know anyone just post your work here or PM me. I will post a thread on the game when i feel i have something to show.
48 x 64 - 1K


  • You're going to have a really hard time finding people to join your project without money or at least a playable game.

    I would advise using placeholder art, like your sample, and try posting again when you've got something that might attract an artist.
  • I have a playable game. It is just really unpolished and in a raw state. I was kinda hoping for a partner just to make a game. Not to be in it for the money (like everybody is these days).
  • @Kobusvdwalt9: That stuff still happens, you just have to sell people on your game. Best way to do that is post it, even if it's unpolished, that's totally fine :)
  • Ok ill do that, Im going to take this week and polish it as much as possible. Am post it for feedback and pitch for an artist.
  • Hey! You can also post it in it's rough state and get some feedback on it, and then work on polishing it. That way the stuff you're polishing will be informed by the feedback you get.

    Also, here's some fun tips on polishing things without artists!

  • Also, it's possible to craft great experiences even with minimal art if the gameplay is strong.

    Your little character reminds me a bit of:

  • I am sort of shooting for a VVVVVV styled game here. Although to be honest i can't match its art. But thanks for the links and advice. I will be including the level editor for the game, because I believe I can't explore every mechanic as good as you guys. So just stay tuned.
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