Ch-ch-ch-chaaaaain Jam!


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    Sounds fun!
  • First thing I thought of when I saw this:

    So much SOUL! Just like this! :D The continual scorekeeping sounds awesome :D
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    Aaarg! The games all have to use keyboard!

    Four directions + 2 buttons for each player.

    Player 1:
    Directions: Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow, Down Arrow
    Buttons: Z, X

    Player 2:
    Directions: J (left), K (down), I (up), L (right)
    Buttons: N, M

    Player 3:
    Directions: A (left), S (down), W (up), D (right)
    Buttons: Q, E

    Player 4:
    Directions: F (left), G (down), T (up), H (right)
    Buttons: R, Y
    K-k-k-k-k-k-key Lock Jam!
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  • Yeah, as someone who's discovered first hand the frustration of keyjamming (or whatever you'd call it) this seems like a silly limitation to me. Unless you're going turn based or plugging in a bunch of keyboards, but I don't think many people have 4 keyboards lying around.

    Still, sounds like a fun kinda jam!
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    I think if you use that key layout, but make a game where only one or two keys are needed and keys don't get pressed together, then it could work great.

    Or maybe a game about key jams!
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  • Or maybe a game about key jams!
    I gggggggggggggggot jam on my keyboarrrrrrrrrrrrd once.
  • I had the same thought and came to post it and was ninja'd by @blackshipsfillthesky :)

    Single key 4 player games people!
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