Bro Force (prototype)


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    Jingo Jango ?
  • How do you join with player 2 in 24 october build? Or is it disabled?
  • set your keys up, or X ?
  • @bevis, weird, I've been trying that for like half an hour. Tried different keys. Then as the match starts, first thing I do is press fire with player 2... Nothing happens.
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    hmmm... I'm going to look into it.

    The most un-user friendly thing about starting a 2 player match is that you have pressed fire with player2 as well as be standing near a checkpoint. He'll only spawn if you're at a checkpoint.

    [EDIT] Yes it is broken! Sorry. Thanks for spotting that. I'll fix and upload.
  • @BlackShipsFilltheSky Oh cool :) Don't mean to rush, but will it be up before tonight? I really wana play some bro-op with my buddies :D
  • @Denzil

    There still isn't a user friendly "Press Fire to Activate bro" and you still cannot play with two keyboard and two joystick... That'll probably get in before the revamped version is ready though.

    For the moment playing two player on keyboard (with optional knockout hotseat if there are more than two players) is pretty kewl.

    And you'll be able to test out the high-fiving! (the positioning the high-fives demand is far from perfect, but besides that it's pretty intuitive)
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    Awesome :)

    rahter unfortunately I am still experiencing random freezes. I played 1 player for very long without freezing, (24 oct build), then when I updated to 25 oct playing with friends, it started freezing again. Will test solo now. Also, we moved to a friends PC for about 15 minutes without freezing as well.

    Good luck. Hate these kinda issues

    EDIT2: Freezing solo as well :/

    Just finished my first play through :D (24 oct didn't freeze once)

    EDIT3: well while I am acting as unofficial tester, I'll point something silly out. When you jump onto the helicopter your animation gets stuck. It's especially noticible with blade (bro blade? what? yes), since he has the white "swipe" lines when he attacks

    EDIT4: Finished another play through on oct 24 build (meaning no freezes). I think it's likely that the bug lies in whatever code you enabled for the local multiplayer. AAAAND, that's enough for one night :P

    EDIT5: Oct 24 just froze on me as well. It seems much more rare than oct 25 but it still happens
  • I demand an update or a new playable version :D.

    Frikkin love this game. Played it over the weekend with my arcade controllers. Had to use a key to joystick mapper though. Was freaking amazing!
  • Hmm, I dont know why this makes me think of BroForce:
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  • So many mustaches!
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    Sometimes, when developing the complicated inner workings of a game, things fall together so elegantly it's hard to imagine anything more beautiful or perfect. Like a sentence with all the words in the right order.

    Sometimes, when developing the complicated, fickle, obfuscated, and mostly mystical, inner workings of a game, it turns out like this:

    Like a lettuce the with right , all words in the .....

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  • Dude, I love what you've done with the decor :) really appreciate the post effect wobbly explosions too, I'm one day gonna hope to learn that kinda shit :)
  • Awesome. Could totally be next official Igorrr music video ;)
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  • @Merrik Thanks dude!! Though it might need a few more aborted fetuses to make the Igorrr grade, we're working on it (smiley face with a silly tongue sticking out).

    @Tuism The hardest part about the post effect wobbly explosions is purchasing Unity Pro. With that already accomplished, and the fact that I have access to Google Search, I can do post effect wobbly explosions with almost no actual knowledge.

    The decor on the other hand is a lot harder to get right. When we're happier with it I'll post a non-Igorrr demo of it (smiley face).
  • BwahahaTF?
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  • @Blackshipfillthesky damnit for me that means porting my knowledge from Gamemaker to Unity, which I guess should happen *sometime*, but being, what, 3 months into this whole thing I'll try to walk before I attempt to fly :)

    Bro hard! Bro harder! Bro on! :D
  • @Tuism: I'm pretty sure we can do wobbly explosions in GM, you just grab that part of the screen to a surface and then use that as a texture on an expanding ring of geometry. Easy ;)
  • Easier, you can enable a view for the room, and offset its position in the begin-step randomly to create a screen shake.
  • @BlackShipsFillTheSky I believe I missed the part where we all take drugs.
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    @edg3 we're talking about screen distortion explosion effects :) and @dislekcia I'll get there when I get there :p like after gameplay :p
  • I never experienced freezes.
    Just some thoughts I have.
    99% of platformers run from left to right. Maybe you can have 1 level or a partial level or challenge on a level switch it up.
    Also while it is countless fun, and its great and nolstalgic to play with these 80s/90s bros I just don't get the plot. But I guess you already know that and aren't in that stage of development yet.

    Also I can't find the words to describe the excitement in playing. Lastly maybe michael knight and kitt can be bro'd up for a level
  • @shelton The reason that the platformers run left to right is just so that the player intuitively knows which way to go towards. If you switch it up, it will have to be clear. Though I don't imagine it will be too much of a problem.

    And yes to hoff.
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    @Denzil Spelunky does this thing where you can find a compass that points to the exit. Of course Spelunky teaches the player to always go down (like you say, it is vital to be intuitive), where at the moment Broforce is always right and up.

    There could be a reason to have a level that goes down (like descending into a volcano to disarm a bomb set to destabilize the earth's core and annihilate humanity) and if we try something like that we'll make it very clear to the player that their goal is at the bottom of the level (through dialogue or big flashing sign saying "go down before the fricken volcano explodes").

    In fact going downwards could be a LOT of fun (due to the bros digging ability) so long as it isn't confusing.
  • Limbo actually has an achievement for going left when the game starts. "Off the beaten path" indeed ;)
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    We've been working on the flamethrower... It's not quite right yet, but getting there. (After making this image I've noticed some room for improvement)
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  • holy cacodemons that fire looks good
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  • Where is that room for improvement??? It looks freakin awesome! Only nitpick I could think of is having more of a core (white/blue?) and flame colour, but damn it's freaking BEAUTIFUL!
  • One thing that I still want to change is the flame puffs when it hits objects and the ground. The fire sprite that's being used there works better on torches and small burning things. It needs big twisty bursts of flames to match the flamethrower. Also, we're planning on making charred textures for stuff that can burn.
  • @Tuism I also think the flames are brilliant. Though there's glitchiness in the terrain destruction and z-sorting.
  • the biggest problem with the flamethrower in that shot is that it's not setting anyone on fire. I hate it when that happens.
  • Fire > rock everytime.
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    While the jungles of modern action movies offer many brodacious features such as waterfalls, explosive barrels, vines to swing on, and an endless supply of poorly organized terrorists, the feature that is the least documented, and blows hardest, are the jungle seagulls.

    Not only do they have low regard for savvy headgear (as pictured above), but they have little or no regard for their own lives. They’ve been known to catch alight and dive bomb barrels of explosive oil (don’t they know that will only end badly for them) and unfortunately there are always more to take their place, watching from the treetops, waiting to feast on corpses.
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  • JonJon
    Awesome game, but I have a bug to report.

    When I played this game 2Player with xbox controllers the game would totally freeze up after about 10 minutes and the audio would keep repeating the last snippet of audio in its buffer (like 0.3sec of sound infinitely looped). I eventually killed the broforce.exe but the audio loop persisted and I couldn't play any other audio, forcing me to restart. I'll try get a stack dump or if I can get any other debug info I'll post it.

    Edit: doesn't crash in 1Player, even after about 30 minutes of play.
  • Thanks Jon! That bug has been thwarting for us for a while (and we cannot reproduce the bug ourselves). Though that's the first time someone has mentioned that the audio is glitching when it freezes... so that could lead us on another path.

    Glad you enjoyed the part you were able to play though!
  • We've made a build using Unity 4 (it will say "trial version" we're still checking it out).

    It contains both a X86 windows build and a 64 bit build. I'm kind of hoping that Unity 4 doesn't cause the freezing that has been happening in Unity 3.5.

    If anyone who has experienced freezing and would like to test whether the Unity 4 Broforce freezes as well it would be GREATLY appreciated (unfortunately we cannot test ourselves because it never freezes on any of our computers).
  • Can I ask what you guys are using for gamepad support?

    I'm using the plugin which emulates the XNA API. It's really awesome, however, its not compatible with web builds.
    I believe Unity now has native support for gamepads, however, I find there 'axes' system horrendous to set up.
    Also, I don't think that the native Unity input supports vibration.
  • We were using that XInput dll, but in our desperation to solve the random crashes we took it out and are now using unity's own input handling. Get the InputManager.asset file from and you don't have to set up all the axes yourself.

  • Did a single playthrough of both the versions in that download, didn't get any freezes in that time. Might possibly play through them again later today.
  • Thanks dude!! Damn, I'm starting to feel almost uncomfortably indebted to you...
  • I couldn't get the latest build to register a second controller, how ever, It is quite possible that this is due the driver issues that I've been having lately.
  • Trying to download it and it's much slower than my usual downloads (1 hour for 70mbs), is there something up with the server?
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    Good news, 20 minutes and not a crash, besides that no other useful input besides the fact I still love the caves that go diarrhoeal :) X86 version :)
  • @Merrik Ack! I'm going to have to look into that.
  • Oh I forgot to mention, I did find that it *seemed* like the framerate was lower than in previous versions, just ever so slightly perceivably, dunno there were changes that warranted it or what (maybe it's the new Unity?), but thought you might wanna know.

    Maybe I'm imagining things though, if there's really no difference.
  • @Tuism according to testing, you're imagining things :D

    I played through the first 4 levels on both x86 and x64 and got an average of 56.494 and 56.711 fps respectively. Compared to a benchmark I did of the same 4 levels a little while ago on the 22nd October build where I got an average of 56.665...its about the same :P

    I also benchmarked a full playthrough on this 2 December build and got an average of 55.838fps (which isn't surprising to me seeing as though the first 4 levels aren't the biggest or the most explosive). I died twice along the way though... :(
  • Is there an actual end? Or do you loop back to level 1? Cos I could never keep track of that (no level numbers and I hadn't spent enough time to remember layouts yet).

    Good to know I'm imagining framerate drop :P Or maybe it's time to format & upgrade again...
  • Yes there is an end (says thanks for playing etc...I think....I don't read it) :P
    Older versions used to loop you back to the first level but later ones have an end (not sure exactly when they changed that, might've been when they added the extra buttons to the menu?)
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