Bro Force (prototype)


  • Just got my grubby mitts on the version you linked here :) So, to the Thought-o-Tron!

    It took me a couple tries to get into the game proper, due to my pressing "Esc" instead of fire :/ (Using a keyboard btw.)

    Still, the game part. I like the theme. The action-hero parody slant is cool and one can never have enough slyly referenced Jingoist material and US flags! Oorah! But of course, the best part is the destruction and gore. It's solid, and has good feedback (explosions, the gore, the sounds), which is essential :)

    I'm not much of a platform player (the last time I really played was Toxic Bunny and Jazz Jackrabbit in the late 90's early 00's), so think of me as a rookie dipping their toes. As such, I died rather a lot. Dying wasn't bad though; dying should be fun! I especially liked the orange-haired guy in blue and his flamer(missed the name). The guys made the right sounds(Bromer Simpson?) as I cooked em like meths!

    Unfortunately, it ended with the game hanging as the "Blade" parody chopped at some terrorists :/ Still, good work!

    Looking forward to the art update btw. The new explosions look ace :)
  • Awesome game guys, good luck on steam.

    One thing I would want is a level editor build my own deadly scenes from movies I loved in the 80's. A way of sharing those on steam might also be a good idea.

  • Yo good game guys... One thing I noticed with co-op on the keyboard is occasionally player 1 shoots and so does player 2 with one button (ghost controls). I think it would be cool to reward multi-kills with a rating and possible extra grenades...
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    ...I don't even...
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  • Still playing this like, almost every day....and I am still saddened by some stuff:
    1) The freezes are almost certainly not getting any less frequent... :< (though this is unsurprising given that the same version should surely have roughly the same frequency of freezes :P)
    2) Ladders are the epitome of frustration (I can't even rely on a ladder to let me shoot above the level of the ground to hit actual enemies without jumping, also if I recall correctly they slow you down while you are running past them because you are "on" the ladder)
    3) Blade is unable to kill birds, while every other bro can...not even his grenade-bladestorm-thing-of-death can kill birds...
    4) Sometimes when I restart a level, the screen is darker >.>
    5) I see robocop in the message at the end of the game, but not in the game :O
    4) The 2nd last level is surely not meant to be played like this.

    How to embed youtube videos? :O
  • lolz on point 4-2 :)

    And you embed by pasting the url in, it does the rest automatically :) pretty awesome!
  • Thanks for the feedback @ShadowBlade and @D3zmodos :D
    Unfortunately, it ended with the game hanging as the "Blade" parody chopped at some terrorists
    1) The freezes are almost certainly not getting any less frequent... :< (though this is unsurprising given that the same version should surely have roughly the same frequency of freezes )
    We've been receiving sporadic reports of freezes... but have not been able to reproduce it locally. Is it happening with the same bro, same levels, at the exact moment someone/something is dying? Any common set of circumstances you can think of?
    2) Ladders are the epitome of frustration (I can't even rely on a ladder to let me shoot above the level of the ground to hit actual enemies without jumping, also if I recall correctly they slow you down while you are running past them because you are "on" the ladder)
    Noted... I think in the current (non-pixel art) build you don't catch on to ladders anymore if you are just running past them but I will double check.
    4) Sometimes when I restart a level, the screen is darker >.>
    Restart a level how? after dying? Haven't seen this myself (or heard of it) but will check it out. Does it get fixed it you restart the level? You can press F6 to restart a level at any time
    4) The 2nd last level is surely not meant to be played like this.
    That's actually pretty cool! We hope that people will enjoy speedrunning the game and have even spoken about having a dedicated speedrun-mode in the game.

    Thanks again for playing :)
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    Still can't produce a crash locally :(

    Totally cool that you're still playing it D3zmodos! Thanks for the detailed feedback! Sweet speedrun :)

    Here's the latest build. There's just a few changes (because we're doing a total conversion in parallel to this):

    Blade can kill seagulls.
    You can set your keys (I hope this works).

    Also, ladders don't slow you down as you run past. They do slow you down when you are climbing on them (after pressing up or down while over them). In the total conversion version I'll look into allowing graceful dismounts from ladders.
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    The way to speedrun level 4-from-the-end:
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    Oh Jebus... We're number 97 on Greenlight now (being in the top 100 is kind of a big deal for us).
  • AWESOME! :D I'm sure you guys'll make it, it's just a matter of WHEN. Congrats! :)
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    I'm quite happy for us to stay in Greenlight for a while. It gives us an avenue to drum up support and get players/reviewers feeling a part of the drive. Once we're greenlit we go from having supporters to having fans, which isn't bad per se, just means we need to implement a feedback/support/communication structure of our own (rather than use Steam's) and come up with more development stories (which we're working on anyway).
  • Congratulations on the rating!!! :D
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    Some more art! Still Wip but getting there! Crits welcome etc!

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    I mean, ahem, it's okay, I guess.

  • Nice work brovis!

    Really luvin this caricature style. Sly and Chuck's skin tones look a little off to me. Too much pink in the noses, unless this is what you going for?
  • Sweeeeeeeeeeet!

    General with a balaclava. I love it.

    You'll win the internet if you make these available for your Greenlight fans as twitter icons and steam avatars, etc. Do it!
  • omg Omg OMG IT'S AWESOME :D
    This art is way too much for me, I'm gonna need a cool shower.

    You guys are blogging this right?
  • Wow that is seriously awesome!
    The gore one is my favourite!!!

    The only crit I would have is the balaclava looks kinda like a robot head. Maybe theres a way you can add some texture in?

    I think its amazing otherwise!!!
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    (I think we try post here first cause you guys know the game deeper and help us point out problems early and have good ideas. Thanks for that. We will blog soon)
  • I want Brovis babies (mostly so I can chain them up train them as artists so I can have a source of cheap art.)

    If the above statement is taken as me being into slavery you are obviously not getting how much I am digging this art!


    To be really serious I love how you have done the proportions on the bodies the heads really display the caricature well, and the body is still really beef and brosome.

    Though Brodel Walker doesn't really fill me with OMG it's Chuck Norris and I am going to be soooo fucking brosome because it is Chuck Norris OMGWTFBBQ
  • That could be easily fixed if his secondary attack is A FLIPPIN ROUNDHOUSE
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  • Oh heyyyyy... you could totally turn some of those into desktop wallpaper.

    I'm already using the death sprite one, but you could possibly get the Broforce/Freelives logo(s) in there too. ^_^
  • Thanks guys xD!
    Elyaradine : shaawwt :D! Good idea on the wallpapers! Blood one does need some polish, could make a kick ass background, with all the types of enemies getting shot in the face :P!

    Tachyon : thanks guy. yea the drunk noses was just something that stuck from the pixel art, maybe I need to make them redder so theres no confusion :P

    dislekcia : Thanks! ALA DD :P! maybe when we got the actual avatars for the UI then we can do some kick ass ones.

    Tuism : Thanks man, Im sure Broships will be blogging, maybe when these are a bit more polished.

    duncanbellsa : Thanks man! Dammit! NOW ALL I SEE IS FUCKING ROBOT HEADS. DAMB YOU! Ok but seriously, I dunno if actual wool texture is gunna read that well because these guys do show quiet small ingame, I will work on that tho thanks :D! Also the massive white eyes could be less bright, less robot.

    Karuji : Dnt be silly, Brovis babies will be way too expensive to maintain. You will require at least 1 box of ciggerettes and a bottle of cane everyday for every baby, or they will rip their own skin off and explode into a not so glorious fountain of brussel sprout gravy. which is bad, bad bad.
    Maybe I can put his Sheriff badge on his hat, would make him more juicy.
  • Another character suggestion: Broku
  • I thought the I Robot bad guys were intentionally robotty, I actually like 'em like that. But I guess that wouldn't explain the gore. Unless they were cyborgs. Made from harvested humans. Led by M. Bison. I mean, M. Broson. No only good guys are bros.

    And since it's in the news, you can have a special attack... FELIX BROGARTNER FALLING FROM A 12000FT!!!! FUCK YESSSSS
  • I think there needs to be an Ian Brogost who says "DON'T CLONE MY INDIE GAME BRO"
  • Epic vehicles.

    But am I the only one that thinks that their front hands (the ones holding up the barrel of the guns) look a bit unnatural? As if they were resting their guns on their fists instead of just...holding the gun...
  • Now that you mention it - it looks like that arm's assuming that there's a second handle towards the front of the gun, instead of holding the barrel like you would a shotgun (palm up).

    I'm guessing some guns will have 2 handles (machine guns) while some won't?
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    @Karuji This isn't one of those games. Go play some Infinite Swat.

    In the game, because of the rig, the front hands are a little further back. It does look weird in the concepts once you notice it though :P
  • Valid :) A lot of the parts are used by all the bros, so the hands atm are jst posed generically, so they do look like they don't fit all the time. They can definitely be polished up, which we intend to do when we get there :P, noted!
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    Wouldn't the wool texture come to a point at the top of the head for the balaclavas? I think that's what's making them look like they're made of metal. The wool lines should radiate out from the top of the thing.
  • Maybe its just a case of instead of the lines being straight you could change it somehow. Found an example here:

    The lines to me just look more like seams than a texture (if that makes sense?)
  • I think that's cos the sprites will be very small eventually so all the bits are exaggerated, so texture was exaggerated too :)
  • @BlackShipsFillT what does Ian Bogost have to do with infinite swat O_o (and what is infinite swat)

    @Bevis I think that Brodel feels weird to be because Chuck looks really bulky, but compared to Sylvester or Arnie he is rather lean. Also the shadow from the hat makes him feel more lawful evil as opposed to lawful good.
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    @Karuji Here's a link Infinite S.W.A.T

    @Duncanbellsa See what you mean. I think in our next iteration of the art we'll definitely be looking into the way the balaclava's read (Brovis said as much, I think he has similar ideas to you).

    The sprites in game appear about as big as the first image (with all the bros lined up) when that image is resized small by the forum (to give you an idea of how it actually looks). Although there may be zoom ins for cutscene animations (which aren't as important/frequent maybe, but still shouldn't look crappy).
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    From Dorkly.
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  • Birdemic. Best Worst movie!
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    Cool guys don't look at explosions. They just turn their backs and walk away.

    Judge Dredd stands in the in the exact middle of explosions. Then walks towards you while on fire and not even giving a fuck because he's awesome and it is 1992.
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  • Finally had time to DL and Play, I don't have much time to try and do bug searches but the game so far looks great, can't wait for the final version guys, keep up the good work!
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    I'm still struggling to fix these crashes/freezes I've been told about.

    Could anyone who has experienced a freeze please give me more detail about it. I gather they sometimes happen in mid air when nothing else is going on? Do they ever happen when standing around? Is there always combat going on or is it sometimes in the middle of nothing happening?

    I don't mean to beg... I know you guys have other concerns. But this is really worrying me.

    @punkweazel You sir are a poo and should be more afraid of seagulls.
  • @BlackShipsFilltheSky I remember it happening once in mid-air and once AS I restarted the level (by dying) so the screen froze while it was black. When it freezes the audio keeps going and it doesnt do anything broken-app-ey (like get a not responding thing or whatever) the game just stops playing (at least visibly, not sure if things keep happening, IE not sure if you'd be able to hear enemies shooting, doubt it). Also alt-tab doesnt minimize the window. I can only quit it because I have a second screen that my task manager comes up on...

    I shall list more cases where it has frozen as they happen and I'll try get more info on exactly what's going on and when they happen in future (I'll play extra today just for you :P)
  • Yeah, I also tried to reproduce it and honestly had no consistency. Once I was jumping off a platform, once I was shooting someone with... that Ginger guy. Can't recall what else was going on on-screen at the time, I don't think there were gibs flying... Dunno. Will update you if I run into anymore.

    The music was still going, not broken. Eventually you could only task-manager close it.
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    Ok well I certainly don't think it's bro-specific because I got 3 freezes today alone and all of them with different bros (MIB Agent J, Mr T, Sniper), they were also all on different levels and all while doing different things (climbing, running, and just standing).

    I think it's memory related because as far as I know, every time I've seen it freeze its been using at least around 300mb of memory. However earlier this afternoon I was busy trying to get it to freeze and it didnt want to and I had to go do something, however when I got back it had frozen (at the very start of a level) so I dunno...

    Also, I play Broforce (as reccommended) with a controller. I only own a single controller (which I basically bought just for Broforce :O). Apparently it thinks I have 2 (which is optimistic) because in the middle of a level it activated player 2...all by itself it seems (think it was when I freed a bro...which would make a lot more sense that it happening any other time) and unless my cat got an invisibility cloak and went back to walking over my keyboard, I'm pretty sure none of my keys got pressed so it can't have been that I mistakenly activated player 2...
  • So I just noticed something really weird, when you use Bro Dredd's special and go up a long way the bro moves when the rocket explodes.

    I think that the freezes might have something to do with the xbox controllers. I have been playing exclusively with the keyboard and I haven't once experienced a freeze of any kind.
  • I played with keyboard only at home and experienced the freezes... So no I don't think it's a controller issue.
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