[Event] Cape Town Community Night - 25th September

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When: 18:30 until around 21:30, Wednesday 25th September

Where: Microsoft offices, Engen building 2nd floor, Golf Park, Mowbray. https://maps.google.co.za/maps?q=-33.947185,18.4914

If you have a demo you want played, bring a station on which people can play it, and set it up before the meetup begins!

- 6:30 - 7:00 - Meet, greet, and eat.
- Rapid fire intros (10 min)
- Community News (5 min)
- Talk 1 - Amaze Review (10 min) by @dislekcia
- Talk 2 - Unity Twine Parser (20 min) by @rustybroomhandle
- Talk 3 - Let's Play (20 min) by @blackshipsfillthesky
- Focused feedback - Pixelboy Intro (10 min)

- Open Demo Floor

This event happens monthly, is free to attend, and anyone may speak at the meetup - just comment beneath to let us know! This is for anyone and everyone interested in making games of any shape, size or type. Come join us!

Test games! Talk games! Make games!


  • Should we look at giving our various AMAZE talks to the CT audience that didn't make it up? I might be able to remember mine, although I'll be less sleep-deprived and thus less manic/funny. Probably.

    I think both Evan's and Peter's talks were really good, Peter's especially opened up some new thinking for me.
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  • I'll see if Jaco wants to do his Twine-Unity parser demo thingy this time 'round.

    @dislekcia - Would love to catch some of the AMAZE stuff we missed :)
  • Yes, this time round we shall do it! Ra!
  • RustyBroomhandle said:
    Yes, this time round we shall do it! Ra!
  • AND for the joburgers who couldn't make it too... I also want to post the overlord but it may be a bit spammy by now :P
  • David Nickerson (the arist for PB) will be around if anyone wants to talk to him about how he got the game to look the way it does :)
  • I think it would be pretty cool is if we setup demo's in the lobby so people have something to do before and after the talks.
    I'm quite keen to display Wang Commander. Anyone else want to join me?
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  • Would be happy to bring our PCs / laptop and show our games (Jaco can show the Ludum Dare game he's working on maybe, or Maker's Eden for people who haven't seen it) but don't want to hog space if there are a bunch of others who want to do this, because we've shown/talked about TME at a previous meet :)

    Also, while I'm here - we live in Gordon's Bay, Jaco works in Cape Town and I don't drive, so me attending these meets means going in with him to work in the morning and bumming around 'somewhere' all day until he's done. He used to work opposite the V&A so I'd just watch movies all day but now he works a few minutes' drive from the meet location (conveniently), and there's less to do there. I *might* go in to Kirstenbosch in the morning and have him pick me up lunch time and then hang around the cafes in the street behind his workplace in the afternoon, if anyone wants to join me doing either of those things or even has an alternate suggestion. He works in Observatory, and the street in question has a string of cafes and eateries, many with wifi. :)
  • Darn looks like this dates clashes again with my life...so maybe another time...or we should just have more meetups..I vote 2ice a month
  • I'll like to join @merrik and set up Cadence beforehand as well. (Or least have my ipad on hand for people to play)
  • I wanted to play around with the agenda this time round.

    The idea is to have 6:30 to 7:00 as "meet,greet and eat" We'd then have up to 2 talks (of up too 20min each) on topics, then some time for focused feed back on prototypes (if we have any), and then have an open floor. We'd let people setup stations with their demos before hand so people can wander around after the focused feedback (kinda like a "show and tell") or to get more general feedback and continue the meet, greet and eat.

    In order to do a focused feedback session you will have 10 minutes and have a specific issue you want feedback on (much like Pixelsboy's session last time where they wanted specific feedback on enemy types). Are people happy with this? Can we try it out?
  • Are people happy with this? Can we try it out?
    Me likey. One thing I wished I'd had at the meet we went to was more 'social' time to just hang out and chat to people. :)
  • I would love to play Demos of games and have some social time :) We could also bring a computer with PB on it :P
  • I like the thinking on the structuring of the evening :)
  • I like the agenda for the evening as well. We also might be visiting with Snailboy. :)
  • @LexAquillia I like it, one thing might be to try maximise exposure to a game before focused feedback? In that case I would say the focus should be playing demos before the talks rather than after?

    Those people who want feedback will need arrive promptly, but don't think that's too much to ask? Especially as lots of people leave as soon as the meeting is "over" and for me I know I usually actually want to speak to other people afterwards instead of getting sucked into playing a game. Also playing games together beforehand should help newbies break ice?
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    We're keen to have those interested play some Broforce deathmatch. And maybe some Broforce explosion run.

    We have sort of demoed these things before, but it would be useful to us to know if we've improved the experience since the last time people played, and if certain specific problems have been solved. However there may be some other new problems that we've produced in the interim that we'll need to be told about.

    Arriving promptly I think is achievable.
  • Bold promises from @BlackShipsFilltheSky !

    A point to note about bringing a game for playtesting does not mean it has to go up for a focused session later - only if you feel it will be useful. This way you can continuously play test new changes in your game without worrying about repeating yourself at every months meetup.
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  • I will be there this time, for my first meetup.
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  • I would LOVE to hear from our resident lawyer dude... sry don't know his name :-) Seen him at all the meet-ups in CPT, but to scared to approach, LOL... but would really like to know all about what is required to "launch" a game in SA on the windows 8 app store that "Conforms" to the local SA FPB? How does one obtain the relevant ratings board (FPB) from the SA ratings board certificate? Yes, it wants you to upload a certificate file before you can become a millionaire on windows 8 app store... WTF! :-) My Breakout clone for tablet has no blood, so why do I need a special certificate just for SA? OMG it's too complicated, aaargh :-) I'll just stick to playing games instead of making 'em... ;)
  • @Konman doing it via the FPB is a pain, which includes submitting gameplay footage on a VHS. A better bet will be to get the game rated by PEGI and submit via a european portal. I can walk you through the rest of the FPB requirements at the meetup if you like, don't worry I don't bite ;)
  • @LexAquillia And only now I realise that you're Nick. Hi, Nick! :P
  • @LexAquillia Is that VHS or Betamax? I only have it on Betamax unfortunately... you think they still have a device? ;) I'll look you up at the next meet-up to dicsuss, thank you :-)
  • @WelshPixie Hi *waves* :D

    @konman, sadly I'm not joking when I say VHS, it is an actual requirement...
  • @LexAquillia VHS? seriously? ...erm... *facepalm*
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    SIJO will try bring a newer alpha version on a laptop. People can play and tear to shreds. FEED BACK WOOP WOOP! :D
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    Looks like those talk slots are still open? I can repeat the talk I gave at Amaze (something about Let's Plays and making games).

    I really want to talk about developing games playfully (which touches on a lot of what Sos talked about at Wits)... but I don't think I can adequately prepare another talk for this month.
  • Yeah, I'm thinking we should do our AMAZE talks again ;)

    This is next week! Anyone else have content?
  • @Blackships, I'm keen for your talk! @Dislekcia or @TheFuntastic you be able to do an overview of Amaze (not your actual talks, which we can maybe move to next month?) or do you really want to do your talks?

  • I think @TheFuntastic's talk is really worth hearing. It's got a lot of smart stuff in it that people don't spend enough time pondering.
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    I'll put in a talk I was thinking about if aaaaabsolutely necessary, but (a) there's a lot of AMAZE content to draw from which should probably take front seat and (b) my idea concerns "optimising" the way one can present their games to an audience such as an MGSA gathering. Considering how there's *already* emphasis on actually switching up the game presentation format at this month's meetup, the idea feels wholly redundant right now (if not redundant, then perhaps a little too confusing while in the midst of this experiment).
  • Cool, @Dislekcia, you want to do your talk or Amaze review? No one wants to do focused feedback, so we've got time for 1 more talk
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    @TheFuntastic's talk was excellent... but he did do a very similar (if not almost identical) talk in Cape Town before...

    Unless I imagined that @_@

    @Nandrew Making the meetups better and making presentations done there more useful could be worthwhile talking about I feel (Almost all the discussion about it has happened in this thread, and not necessarily everyone follows this thread, and adding more ideas to the dialogue and talking about it at the meetup could be very helpful...)
  • @Nandrew I think it's a great idea for a talk :)
  • Do we bring our own rigs for demoing ?
  • I'd like to suggest that we bring back the "Who are you and what do you do" introductions. I know they fell away because there are a lot people now, but I feel like they give a sense of contribution and interaction to the meet up. It's also just nice to know who everyone is. Maybe they could be more rapid fire so that they don't take up too much time.
  • Yeah my amaze talk was a v0.2 of a talk I did a few months ago, I think whilst dislekcia was at GDC or something. Think maybe we should let it rest for a while. I'd eventually like to do a talk on depression, but I need to learn more about the subject first.

    As for amaze summary I'm a bit crunched at work so I'm going to have ask someone else to cover this. Though maybe I can help present with someone else if they want backup?
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    I like the idea of rapid-fire introductions. Maybe it could be like your name, forum nickname and one-five words that describe you?
    As an example @Merriks could be: Merrik, programmer, Broforce, Wang Commander and beard :P
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    Merrik, programmer, Broforce, Wang Commander and beard
    He'd have to leave out the "and". I feel like that makes it a bit wordy.
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  • What about similar rules as to what you can put on your name tag, but the person next to you has to read it out loud? That way people don't get embarrassed about saying stuff about themselves and we can move through the intros much quicker AND we get the benefits of name tags?

    ... Someone just needs to remind me to bring the things this time.
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    @BlackShipsFilltheSky Agreed, "Wang Commander Beard" does sound better. :P

    @dislekcia That sounds pretty cool :)
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  • Hey guys is it cool if Dave and I get 5 minutes to show off the new Pixel Boy trailer (Actualy 1:30) haha :) will be quick and it will be the first preview of the trailer to an audience :)
  • I think we need some sort of update on the first post, or a collected post outlining clearly what's expected on Wednesday. I'm a little blurry on what's going on and who's actually going to be definitely talking and stuff.
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    @Nandrew Yeah I agree.

    I haven't stepped in yet as I'm not involved in the Cape Town Community so I shouldn't be deciding which talks are being presented. However, there are lots of suggestions in this thread with no confirmations being made.

    From an external perspective, here's what I'd suggest (gathered from the discussion above):

    Rapid Fire introductions ~10 mins

    Meet, greet, and eat ~20 mins

    Optimising the way one can present their games to an audience - @Nandrew ~20 mins - not entirely redundant, I believe, as it still stresses how games should be shown (which is even more important with the newer format)

    Unity Twine Parser - @rustybroomhandle ~20 mins

    A MAZE Festival Review - @Dislekcia ~20 mins

    Focused feedback from those who want it~ 30 mins (3 slots of 10 minutes each)

    Open Floor ~remaining time

    With Demos set up -before the meet starts- outside for Broforce, Cadence, Wang Commander, The Maker's Eden, and Khumba: The Game.

    I've emphasised new content here rather than A MAZE stuff as most A MAZE talks should make their way to YouTube soon. Additionally, less time intensive segments such as the Pixel Boy Trailer will fall under the Open Floor.

    That seem good for everyone?
  • I suggest that @dislekcia compile the programme and use his second post to update deets, while @Bensonance states as much and edits first post to point to second post :)
  • http://www.dezeen.com/2013/02/26/truth-coffee-shop-haldane-martin-cape-town/

    Change of plan for me/Jaco on Wednesday - he's got the day off so we're going to this Steampunk cafe (that I've only just discovered exists in Cape Town) before the meet. It's in Buitenkant Street, not far from The Company's Garden. We'll be there about 4:30pm if anyone would like to join us for a pre-meet caffeine fest in what looks like an awesome spot :)
  • New forum member here. I'll be another first-timer on Wednesday!
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  • I'm going to try strong arm everyone into getting a beer afterwards.
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  • @WelshPixie: You guys are heading to Truth? Traffic can get pretty nasty around there at 4:30ish, be prepared :)
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    A beer. We have to share it.
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