Celebrity Charity Brawl - Game Development Idea

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Hi Guys, I had this idea this morning to make a game - Celebrity Charity Brawl - where celebrities are pitted against one another in a epic throwdown with proceeds from sales of the game to go towards children's charities...

Read more on the blog I setup: http://celebritycharitybrawl.blogspot.com/


  • I love how you just suggested:

    1) Make a game
    2) For free
    3) Violate international trademarks/copyrights of celebrities
    4) Or assume we actually have connections with Vin Diesel

    What do you propose your role is in this VERY EPIC project?

    On a related note: great article: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/issues/issue_221/6582-Why-Your-Game-Idea-Sucks
  • Celebrity deathmatch... that could be fun but you'd probably never get it licensed :) please read the faq: http://www.makegamessa.com/discussion/6/gamedev-newcomer-faq
  • @ Tuism:

    1) Why not? I mean, isn't it just so easy? Don't I just use a template? And slap in some art and stuff :)

    Seriously, I've got three previous "failure-to-launch" projects to my name already (including a game and a comic and that's just of the top of my head) so why stop there? :) I realize how *easy* it is make a game idea and how *difficult* it is to actually make a game...

    2) Not at all. Proceeds from the *Sales* would go to charity (and then, not necessarily all of the proceeds). From the beginning, I fully intended to pay the developers, artists, sound engineers, etc... Just not so much so at the beginning. Yes, you've heard the "promise-to-make-millions" pitch previously. But I'm not promising that. In fact, I would promise little more than an on the side remuneration - nothing that would keep you fed :) And even then, my fingers would be crossed behind my back.

    3) When did I say this? I did mention on the blog that we would obviously need to seek permission and all the relevant licensing, etc, etc? I also realize that this will be *REALLY* hard. I mean truly. No joke. But if you get at least *ONE* on the band-wagon... I like to think positively.

    4) Within six or seven degrees of separation? But that was an *example*


    In terms of the project, I wouldn't call it EPIC. AMBITIOUS, yes. CRAZY, yes. I mean, doing hard work that may *possibly* end up making large sums of money, but you only take away a small slice of that and give the rest to starving and dying children? Yeah. Who would want to that... Oh, me :) And hopefully, 4 or 5 other crazy people.

    Though seriously, wouldn't it make for a really nice cushy launching platform for a small rag-tag band of wannabe Game Devs? Also, it's a really nice thing to do for humanity. And perhaps, the goodwill of the idea will summon rainbow spewing unicorn mounts to our side and we can ride them onto greatness...

    I mean, I'm not offering anything new with the game concept. It's essentially a celebrity deathmatch brawl as raithza pointed out. However, I'm trying something here. An exercise in marketing if you will. If it works, fantastic. If it doesn't, still fantastic. I'll learn from what went wrong and create another idea and some time from now, launch that


    As for my role in the project? I'm a developer and I've got some graphic skill (or at least my Mommy tells me so). Granted, I'm not a game dev, but I can code. So I can either assist a MUGEN guru or if need be learn myself to become one... Perhaps, I'll make a pallete swapped Hadoken or two as well...

    And to close... Am I crazy? Of course I am! Have you seen my grammer!? I want to make a game where Nicki Manaj does battle with Robert Downey Junior (imagine Iron Holmes!) -or- where you can have Michael Jackson beatdown on Justin Bieber... And then I don't want to make millions out of it? I want to do it for the heck of it just for the sake of doing it, and it does launch from nowhere and make lots of money, give most of it away to charity...

    But seriously, it's a good worthy charity. http://www.savethechildren.net/

    Check it out.
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    Bravo for enthusiasm :) So, what's the next step, how would you make this come true? Hopefully not by telling people that it'll be great. Have you read the link raithza put up? It's really important to understand the undertaking rather than assuming anything about it.

    For one, speaking the language of game makers will at least earn you the respect you'll need for game makers to interact with you.
  • I've been wanting to work on a fighting game for yonks. :) Pity I've got a bunch of higher priority stuff going on for the next few months.

    I don't particularly like the celebrity spin though (although in this case that's, like, the whole wow-factor, so I get having to have that). It's just hard enough to create nice, appealing art, and make it 2D, with sprites for all the different animations that'd be needed, without having to make it look like someone well-recognised and not be insulting. :P
  • Remove the following barriers that you've put up around this game and maybe you can get somewhere:

    1. Stop looking for a team. If you've got Mugen, build something and have potential team mates come to you. Maybe an awesome artist is offended by your animations, maybe they love your style, whatever. You won't get team members with nothing to bait the hook.

    2. Stop trying to make money. Even for charity. Just, no. Build the game first, THEN figure out how you're going to not starve. If you really want to give money to charity, put a donate button on your devblog, *boom* you're successful at what you're trying to achieve already.

    3. Drop the celebs angle. Licensing costs a shitload of both time and money. If you're not factoring in the time cost of contacting rights-holders AND negotiating AND picking your teeth up off the floor after their lawyers destroy you, you're not in a position to think about licensing. You could go with parody, so go with parody.

    4. Make another fighting game first. Why not? Better to have infinite combo loops and crap character balance in a game that's not supposed to be an awesome launching platform for everyone's careers, right?

    P.S. The whole "launching platform" argument is about as useful as the "it'll be exposure, so work for free" bullshit. Building stuff is hard, nobody can afford to be building something they don't love, because that makes it even harder. Chances are that people who aren't you, aren't going to love your idea. Unless they can play it first.
  • Steps so far:
    1. Make blog
    2. Make forum posts
    3. ????
    4. Profit!!!

    I don't know? It's an exercise in marketing as well as a Game Dev project as well as an attempt to make the world a better place. Just had the idea this morning. In-between work I've made that blog, re-downloaded M.U.G.E.N (had it before but lost to the archives some where), made a couple forum posts...

    Exact order and number of steps elude me at the moment, but I have a rough gameplan of achievables at least:

    1. Have something to show people - the Game Dev part of this thing. Even it's a two character select fighter ("Penultimate Action Hero" and "Starlight Diva") it can work as my case-in-point if I have to demo the concept...

    Havn't the foggiest about making a game engine or any of that. But, I've got M.U.G.E.N to make a prototype (which I'll have to play with and learn). If we do end up using it to make a pay-for product, I'll have to speak to Elecbyte about licensing/purchasing/whatever in that regard...

    2. Make some noise - the Marketing exercise part of this thing. Blog first, posts on *relevant* forums etc.

    So far this noise level is waaaaaay down. And for at least now, I want/need it to say there. I need advice, ideas and time to think things through before turning up the volume...

    ...the aim of course is to have reputable columns mentioning the blog/concept/idea as well as places of internet noteriety - 9gag, etc -

    ...also, when the time is right, contact Save the Children International and make them aware of the intention, etc. That and there are a couple other gaming centric charities that would make invaluble allies in kicking this thing off: Games for Good, Get-Well Gamers, Child's Play, etc

    ...not forgetting established web-comics as advocates of the concept as well: Penny Arcade, Ctrl Alt Del, etc...

    Kind of like a controlled viral marketing program? Make any sense?

    3. Make a team and get celebrities on board... A point of funding for the development might actually be sympathetic celebrities that are happy/willing to cough up some dough... Think positively :)

    4. Do the dev, Artwork, etc and have a product that is saleable. Whether M.U.G.E.N is stilled used at this point is unknown... X-Box, PS3, PSP? Who knows...

    5. Distribtion? Pay-pal? Steam? X-Box Live? Questions, questions, questions...

    6. Continual development? Additional characters for release? Character Packs? This would be great as there could be a steady flow of downloads and constant cash for the charity... Life cycle? Maybe two - three years if a fad? Lot's of starving children fed.


    If I can get number 1 in place, I can start on number 2... Though number 2 and 3 will overlap and be interchangable...
  • @ dislekcia:

    Really appreciate your comments (and yours too Elyaradine). The post above was in reply Tuism. I'd like to reply to yours:

    1. I agree, but addressed in my reply to Tuism. I intend to build something simple.

    2. I disagree with your point, but understand what you're saying. The personal driver for me is making the money for the charity. I've always wanted to save the world - just need to find my superpower first and this might be it.

    I plan to not starve at all If I can avoid it. From a safe point of having a current, well paying and good job I can lob time at this beast from afar and whittle it down...

    3. Parody might be a good second choice. I like to think I'm naive about the way the world works and that some strange people out there like too cut through the layers of bullshit and red tape that strangle and constrict our creative freedoms...

    Maybe, Jason Statham says to himself: "Oi. I'd quite like that. A character of meself. And you say I'd be beating Mr. Biever? That wonky girl yankee in boi clothes? Sign me up!" and his agent says: "But the royalties! The licensing?" and Jason Statham says "Are you daft? Do yo hav porrij in you ears? It's for the kids you wanker. The charity. F**k the lawyers, make it happin..."

    And if it doesn't garner the support my naive mind envisions? Parody it is... Stupid wanker :D

    4. Meh. I suppose. But from what I understand from the last time I fiddled with M.U.G.E.N all the bits and pieces (characters, stages, etc) are interchangable - so any work done is not wasted and can be pulled out of the final release or slotted in wherever. Balance would require playtesting, refinment, playtesting, etc...

    PS. But I'm not an employer? I'll also be working for free with any team-mates who join me until that faithful day where we can get exposure...

    What it will do for me and any team-mates is grant us experience. Working together is more fun than working alone and more rewarding and more enriching as we can learn from each other...

    So maybe not a launching platform to the industry, but rather into the upper echelons of our own individuals towers of existence through the experience of collaborating on somthing cool!
  • Well this has to be the thread that has made me laugh the hardest on MGSA. So congrats to Q.

    I have to applaud your enthusiasm it is making me smile. And I'll just throw my voice behind everyone else's.

    The only game charity initiative that I have seen work has been Humble Bundle, there may be others, but I doubt they have been of significant scale. So make the game then worry about making the money. And without the game how can we be excited about your idea since it is just an idea. Games are about interactivity! So get a prototype up and going, and get people excited about it.
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    The_Q as in IT intellect musgrave (once upon a time) The_Q ?

    on topic, personally I'd rather play a parody than one with the actual people.
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    Yep. The same. Forum doesn't allow signup with special characters, so the The_Q? = The_Q
  • I have to say, I like this idea. I see Super Smash Bros. Brawl with Angelina Jolie smashing the pudding out of Bruce Willis. Certainly worth a laugh, and I think a lot of people would enjoy it ^~^
  • I was Googling for the newcomers faq and this turned up, and I was just reminded of how this made me smile :) What happened to this?

    Glad we have a real fighting game project up and going for real (Clash!) :)
  • 'Launched into the upper echelons of our own individual towers of existence' - he certainly had a way with words, but I see the idea didn't carry on (based on that blog).
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