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I am looking for any work in the game industry. I am passionate about board game design and love being involved in gaming projects. I enjoy the thematic and mechanic design and am good at tying all aspects of the game together. I am extremely creative and would love to hear from anyone out there. I have thrown up some images from my upcoming board game State of Infection. Its a Horror Survival game set in Cape Town.
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  • Hey! Would love to see more of your portfolio.

    If you can't post playable games (because you're working in board games) then maybe post a video with some people playing, or an explanation of the rules. (Those images don't really sell your mechanic design skills)
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    There have been some really sweet boardgame projects happening on the forums and I know the Wits students might well have some concepts that they might want to take further. Hope @LexAquillia sees this thread soon, maybe they've got work for you :)

    If you're in Cape Town, are you going to be able to make it to the monthly meetup tomorrow evening?
  • Monthly meetup? Would love to pop around. Details?

    All i have are a couple of playable prototypes. Will be filming the next play testing session to show game play mechanics.

    I have TONS of concepts that just need some love and attention (and loooots of play testing).

    I'm liking this forum already! We definitely need more local titles published.
  • @Dilly_Afterdeath, we need to speak ;) Next monthly meetup is tomorrow night in Mowbray. Details are on the forums (look at the sticky'd events posts). Also Welcome :D
  • Gonna try! Im out Fish Hoek Side. Gonna make a plan!
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