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    Greetings. I'm Matthew - a level designer/environment artist in Cape Town.

    If you played Counter-Strike: Source on 'SGS' or 'IS' servers back in the day, you probably encountered my remake of the popular CS 1.6 map: de_dahsur3 by LAzor.

    My recent level design work includes all the environments for a game called Bunny Bash by DarkArts Studios, which is currently available in Early Access on Steam.

    Since mid-2016, I've been spending my time focused on adding 3D modelling in Blender to my skill set.

    Apart from building game environments and assets, I also have a particular interest in the application of Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTF) in video game audio.

    I joined Make Games SA because I'm hoping to get better acquainted with the game development industry in Cape Town.

    - http://matthewkerswill.com/
  • Hi @thatmeganchick and welcome to the forums. So great to have some more tabletop enthusiast here :D Also PvZ high fives!

    @kevinh I'll get your cape size from @LexAquillia ;) Really appreciate the amazing work you guys do ;)
  • Hi Everyone!
    my name is kyle van wyk and im a freelance artist based in cape town. i haven't had much experience in the game industry but im keen to learn and get involved in it which is why ive joined this forum. Ive worked on small projects for client work but that was purely illustration based. if anyone's interested you can see most of my work here http://guy-mandude.deviantart.com/gallery/ Thanks for reading!
  • @Guy_man_dude Welcome to the forums! Your work looks awesome! I think you will adapt easily to game concept art especially.
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  • @vince, thanks so much man! i hope so im eager to learn the ins and outs.
  • Hi all,

    I'm Dirk, a long time Warcraft 3 mapmaker and recent game dev. I've just released my first game Thrusty Ball, a simple but challenging one-button platformer for Android and web. Hoping to transition from my current line of work into full-time indie development. I've been an on-and-off lurker on these forums for some time, but with my first game finally released I decided to join the local online community and maybe even attend some meetups (Cape Town).
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  • Welcome guys! Hope it all is great for you! Everyone is showing good things to us!
  • Hello!

    My name is Pieter Loubser and I wrote an Android game the last year called Farm Wars. (It was actually one of the top games on Mxit for 4 years and now I ported it over to Android.) "Build it and they will come" is the worse advice ever. Haha. I am about to start marketing the game to actually make the game profitable, which is not as easy as it sounds..

    Please check the game out: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=za.co.inventit.farmwars

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  • Hey everyone I’m Rousseau a C# coder from Benoni. I started game dev as a hobby after hours in Unity and everything I know is pretty much self-taught. My very first game CLASH has recently been released on steam. If anyone needs any help or advice drop me 'n message.


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    Hi all

    I'm Eddie and I work in the game localization industry. I'm formerly from Edenvale though I'm all the way over in Asia now. Mainly just wanted to pop in and show some love for the SA game dev scene. If anyone wants information or advice on localization or breaking into the Asian game market just drop me a message. And don't worry, I won't try to sell you anything unless you ask me to :D
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    Hi everyone!

    Very recently I decided I'd try this "making games" thing ;) So far my character can run, walk, and just stand there.

    I'm a very accomplished VFX artist so the only thing I can be confident about so far is that my game will LOOK good. I decided that I want to do this first one 100% on my own. And I mean 100%! Weather I achieve anything is another story.

    So hello! And have a look at my throw together website: angrypostmangames.wordpress.com
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    I am Zaahir Ameer. I am a game developer at a small indie company called Egamea. I studied electrical engineering in the computer systems field. I have also done Web Development( node.js & php back end, javascript front end) industry and did some electronics to(raspberryPI2 and PicKit for micro controller driver software development). In April I will have 1 year software development experience of which 6 month's is game development.. I would love the opportunity to check out /visit the Bro force company called free lives or other indie companies.

    My favourite language is Java. I plan on learning mobile software development and HTML 5 game development to make my own game. I would also like to make a flying drone.
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  • Hi there!

    my name is Megan and I'm a Cape Town based Freelance artist. My main art focuses are creating interesting and believable characters and concept art. I've always been passionate about videogames and telling compelling stories. I've been doing digital art since I was 14 years old and have since dabbled in the marketing industry as a graphic designer - working on clients such as Predator (Acer), Pizza Hut, BetterLife, NAC and Fixodent at Saatchi & Saatchi - this unfortunately was not where my heart lies and since then I've been going full force with my digital art and doing freelance work on the side.

    You can view my online portfolio here: https://www.artstation.com/artist/m_corbet
    but I also have an instagram where I upload regularly for my more casual work and practices: https://www.instagram.com/weeabro_art/
    I have a DeviantArt and Facebook page too but I don't upload there very regularly.

    Let's work together and make games! :)
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  • @zaahir Welcome to the forums, Zaahir. That RaspberryPI2 work sounds cool, it gives you a set of tools not many developers have. If you would like to meet some of the people who made Broforce, I would strongly urge you to come to one of the Cape Town meetups when your in the area, there's often a few of them milling about ;)

    @Weeabro Hi Megan, welcome. Love you Anime inspired style, do I see hints of Kuvshinov Ilya in there? Keep it up and come say hi at the meetups :)

    @AngryPostman Good graphics can play a huge role in the initial appeal of a game. Game Jam teams are always fighting over the few artists hanging around.

    @edishen1987 Sweet. Asia is a highly competitive market, but one the West rarely explores.

    @nullpointer Congrats on your game's success, hope it continues doing well on Android :D
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  • WildCat said:
    @WildCat, you brought many hours of fun to my life. I used to love that map!
    I did always hate the middle bank though and the way people could peek through.
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  • Sup all,

    I'm a corporate .net dev by day and a games developer, designer and game content creator by night. Glad to see there is a community in SA dedicated to games development :)
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  • Hi everyone!

    I'm new to game designing and currently learning to use Game Maker Studio. I am also learning how to do pixel art as I am terrible at all other art forms ^^

    Other things I plan on doing are learning programming languages like Java and C++
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  • Hey all.

    My name is Bob, I'm a game design lecturer at vega jhb (specifically the art stream).

    Although as much as I am trying to throw vega as a corp behind local community stuff, id like to use this site in a more personal capacity.

    I'm a big fan of community and happy to be here =D
  • Welcome and good luck everyone!
    I am also learning how to do pixel art as I am terrible at all other art forms ^^
    Welcome, if you are up to it you can share the things you learned here on the forums for us. (personally I love to read up on pixel art related topics).
    Krohlm said:
    My name is Bob, I'm a game design lecturer at vega jhb (specifically the art stream).
    How are people feeling about your game design lessons? (I have debated needing some, will eventually choose what I do...)
  • edg3 said:

    How are people feeling about your game design lessons? (I have debated needing some, will eventually choose what I do...)
    Haha, I'm not sure what you asking you here. If you curious to how students like my lectures?
    Well we cover content pretty quickly and I'm generally sarcastic and dry so if you asking if students like my lectures, then judging by attendance figures I'd say so.

    If you asking about the degree?
    Response is very positive, we have a high intake so the interest is definitely there (I have to be careful of what I say because my students will probably read this).

    Not to sound like an ad but we are planning on doing short courses later on. I'm trying to be careful not to use the forums as some kind of advertising space (in the way it wasn't intended), so please understand why I don't want to divulge too much.
  • Ah yes I was asking about the degree, thanks! (sorry for the slight confusion).
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    Hey all

    I'm a game loving code geek that fell in love with GWBasic at 12 years of age, and then making game demos.
    I was involved with the SA game dev community when it was tiny, like 15 years ago - the days of I-Imagine.

    Then I went down corporate rabbit hole, and I've gone and lost my soul.
    Please help me find my soul again! *whimper*

    If anybody remembers me from 15 years ago, it'd be 10 years of therapy to say hello :)
    (Old nicks: PlaceboZA/Naartjie98/LiquidTruth/GuardianBunny)

    I'm now a pretty awesome coder (Not cos I'm smart, but 'cos 20+ years will do that)
    Currently loving Clojure.

    That's all :)
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  • Happy days to all my name is Ivan I recently discovered this forum from our lecturer and have been reading up all discussion thread so i can to learn a thing or two. Initially I thought going in with a team is your best bet while that may be true as a student i need to polish up my portfolio. I aspire to become a storyteller and produce the quality of work equivalent to naughty dogs last of us or CD projekt Red Witcher franchise.

    I'm busy now with a novel universe hoping to adapt it into an animated feature when i have the proper skills. I'm an extreme perfectionist when it comes to the quality of work i want to produce, i literally become my own worst enemy XD and don't settle for less in that regard but don't mind mixing things up here and there, I hope to attend next months game jam to meet some of you ( I love group projects the mindset and opinions learned are things of legends both hilariously and seriously :) )

    :) If i had to pick where i would want to work it would be my own studio there are stories I've been working on for 4 years now or being a creative designer at one of the companies I'm still yet to learn about, but to get there requires alternate routes and routes i hope will be a joyful ride Hello again all! :)
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